Project Description

This is a 4.2KWp photovoltaic solar system with a 4.5KW battery storage system installed on a family home in Tralee Co. Kerry.
This 14 number 300watt  Sharp solar panels with a SolaX Hybrid inverter and a triple power battery with a 6,000watt discharge so our clients can use 6KW of electricity from the battery storage system at one time,
Again all roof fixtures are K2 rails and roof hocks, all our Sharp solar panels come with a 25 year warranty, this SolaX Hybrid inverter has a 10 year warranty a long with the triple power battery storage system  comes with a 10 year warranty.
This photovoltaic solar system will generate in excess of 4,200KWHs (units of electricity) per year, saving are clients €925 on their electricity / energy bills plus lower their Co2 carbon footprint by 2,058KG per year and as energy prices go up so will are clients saving,
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