Project Description

This is a 6,175 watt photovoltaic solar system with a 6KW Fronius inverter and a 6.3KW triple power battery storage system,
This is a 19 number 325 watt  Qcell solar panels on a East / West rooftops fixed with K2 rails and roof hocks,  we would be expecting this system to generate in excess off 6,200KWHs (units of electricity) per year saving our clients €1,365 per year on their electricity / energy, Plus lowering their Co2 carbon footprint by 3,038KG a year this is at today’s energy prices as energy prices go up so will our clients saving.
All of our solar panels come with a 25 year warranty and all are inverters & battery storage systems come with a 10 year warranty. #renewables #Greenenergy #Dublin #Qcell #Fronius #Leinster #solarelectric .